Naked Gil: Personal Trainer

Gil came to Elstree Photo Studios wanting some new striking images of himself in his prime. He’s a top London personal trainer and also an avid collector of tattoos, having pieces done by his favourite tattooists from all over the world. Gil often speaks about “training like a machine” and so one of my objectives for this shoot was to make him look like a “machine”- somewhere between Robocop and Wolverine!

I also wanted to show some of his colourful tattoos, and in another shot I wanted to make he himself seem like an exhibition piece on display with lights either side. Gil was wonderful to work with, he’s generally a very friendly and relaxed guy but most importantly he was open to the ideas I was posing, which for the photographer is vital. Gil was very slightly apprehensive about doing nude pictures at first, as he had never done this before. I explained to him how we would maintain his modesty, and why the nudity was crucial to achieving some very striking shots. Gil loves the images, and we’ll soon be doing another shoot on-location, at his run-down boxing gym in north London.

Blake Ezra

Blake Ezra regularly works on commission for some of the UK’s biggest publications and organisations. His background in informal education brings an ability to work easily with people from all walks of life, bringing out their character in his pictures. Blake Ezra has worked on commission for newspapers such as The Sun and The Financial Times, and organisations including Chessington World of Adventures, Harrods, Lulu Guinness, National Lottery, Playboy, The Chief Rabbi, and World Jewish Relief. He has also recently become one of London’s most sought after wedding photographers through a blend of attention to detail, strength in versatility, ability to capture a moment, and not-yet-certified workaholism. Favourite experience in photography: “I always see photography as a passport to privilege- to situations whereby access is nearly impossible without a camera. There have been many moments in my career so far where I’ve spent time in crazy situations- backstage at concerts, royal weddings and plenty of helicopter-based aerial photography. However, nothing beats seeing the reactions on clients faces when presented with their pictures.” ‘Nothing makes me happier than taking pictures I know my clients will love, I usually work with a beaming smile on my face! I gain massive job-satisfaction when I see my images seen by millions of people in the national press, but equally nothing beats the feeling of creating personal memories for people who will cherish them forever’